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Swimming pool technology, sauna and wellness construction from sopra

We will build your pool and your sauna and wellness landscape

At sopra, (almost) everything centres around water. As specialists with over 30 years of experience in swimming pool construction, sauna, wellness & spa, we fulfil wellness dreams for the private, public and commercial sector.

sopra AG unites for this purpose almost 30 partners in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Poland who are completely dedicated to fulfilling your wellness dreams. Holistic, sustainable and realised cost-effectively, on a small or grand scale: We know precisely what is good for the body and soul. This is our philosophy.

Incidentally, our name - sopra - comes from Italian and means “above everything” or “superior”. We have been committed to meeting this standard for more than 30 years.

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Das Thema für den zweitätigen Workshop: Folienkompetenz

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