The sopra customer magazine

Innovations and trends in the swimming pool and wellness industry

The sopra customer magazine informs about current innovations and trends and the swimming pool and wellness industry and brings you closer to the sopra partners.

With our sopra magazine we want to provide you with detailed information about the services provided by the whole of the sopra Group. Read in the editorial about perfect pool solutions and in the reports about wellness oases realised by sopra partners on site.

The topics in sopra AG’s wellness magazine

  • Reports
  • Technology and energy efficiency
  • Architecture, wellness & design
  • sopra internal
  • Lifestyle, innovations
  • Headings

Here you can view online sopra magazines that have already been published

sopra magazine edition 8 / 2019

  • The implementation of creative, individual pool and wellness oasis concepts as well as our highlight: the new sopra Cloud.
  • In our checklist, we reveal what has to be observed when designing an indoor swimming pool.
  • and much more ...

sopra magazine edition 7 / 2018

  • Outstanding and innovative: High-level pools
  • Swimming pool technology for private and public pool facilities
  • and much more ...

sopra magazine edition 6 / 2017

  • Pool technology: new sopra pool control
  • Climate technology: Tips on construction physics and ventilation
  • and much more ...

sopra magazine edition 5 / 2016

  • A look into the future: Modern pool planning in 3D
  • Pool & garden design
  • and much more ...

Impressions from sopra AG’s wellness magazine

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