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The right pool design and technology: Expert knowledge is in more demand than ever

First the planning, then the bathing pleasure. The planning of a bespoke swimming pool can quickly become a mammoth task. Don’t worry though: You can count on us.

sopra has been planning fabulous swimming pools for over 30 years. Our experience will allow your swimming pool vision to take shape in a first-class and technically-perfect form.

In order to design top-quality wellness facilities, very careful planning is required. Our focus therefore lies on the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality – combined with the individual wishes of our customers. Naturally, we also keep an eye on the costs at the same time.

Not only the design, the size of the pool and the water depth play an important role in the planning of a pool, but also the location and the potential running costs. We take all of these points into account in our detailed pool design. As well as the planning of the plant room. After all, our customers should be able to have as many years of pleasure as possible from their own swimming pool.

This should be considered in the pool planning

Expertise, creativity and perfection are the standards with which we approach every single swimming pool project. You should demand nothing less for your individual wellness. There are so many options for designing your very own wellness oasis. The best thing to do is to talk to us about what you want. We have the necessary experience in pool construction and will definitely be able to give you one or two tips on the way. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of particular aspects, such as:

  • Indoor or outdoor pool? What specific features need to be taken into account in the planning?
  • What construction costs must you expect for your dream pool?
  • What will the running costs of your swimming pool be?
  • What pool size and water depth are ideal for your local conditions?
  • What needs to be taken into account in the planning of the plant room?

What exactly happens in the planning process at sopra?

Your dream pool is just a few steps away! Using innovative technologies and a high level of creativity, we make your wellness oasis a reality, step by step:

Tell us in as much detail as possible about your pool project. We will meet you to help you in your decision-making and provide you will all of the information you need concerning the swimming pool you choose.

We will take a look at the conditions of your construction site and discuss with you – taking into account the budget – all of the options in detail. Architecture, design and structural engineering requirements will then be included among other things in the visualisation of your project.

We will digitalise your visions in 2D or 3D including all of the details, including the swimming pool technology and possible water attractions for your pool. You will then be able to get a very good idea of what your wellness oasis will look like.

When we have finally planned and digitalised your pool, you will receive from us a quote in which the entire construction project, all of the necessary materials and the scheduling are listed in detail.

As soon as you give us the green light, we will start with the construction phase. Every sopra partner has qualified and experienced staff who know all there is to know about the construction of custom-made pools. They will be totally committed to the construction work and turning your pool dream into reality.

Even after the construction work has been completed, the water is splashing and everything is ready for the first few lengths in the cool water, you can continue to count on our support! Whether you have any questions, if anything is unclear or you want to place some product orders – we will not let you down.

Additional information

We have put together a Guideline for architects and planners, which covers all of the key points concerning the construction of swimming pools and helps companies tasked with the planning of a swimming pool, but naturally do not have the technical know-how.

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Our partners would be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning your swimming pool and the right swimming pool accessories.

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