Swimming pool canopies: Insulation and protection for your pool

The must-have for the perfect climate for swimming in the garden – whatever the weather

Towards the end of summer at the latest you will start thinking about how to heat your swimming pool. With the shortage of resources, choosing an alternative to oil and gas is not only a question of money, but much more a question of social responsibility.

With a sopra swimming pool canopy your pool has better all-round – and above all sustainable - protection. You can enjoy a clean pool at all times with little maintenance.

The natural solar effect of the translucent panes constantly supplies the water with pleasant heat and gives the whole area a comfortable climate. Even a cool day is turned into a beautiful day for swimming. There is no wind to dampen your enthusiasm for a relaxing swimming session.

With little effort you can turn your indoor pool into an outdoor pool in no time at all – the light roof segments can be easily pushed open.

The canopy also provides you with a safe environment in which you can allow children and pets near the pool without any worries.

Advantages of a sopra swimming pool canopy

  • Water temperature warmer by approx. 6 – 8 °C without additional heating
  • Much higher air temperature, no cold wind inside the canopy
  • Much longer bathing season
  • Much lower energy consumption
  • Less dirt in the pool
  • Less water treatment chemicals
  • Less water consumption
  • Protection against accidents for adults, children and small animals
  • Structurally-tested design
  • Use of best possible materials
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Long life
  • Very easy operation

Swimming pool canopy from sopra for a very successful bathing season

The greenhouse effect alone ensures temperatures reach 30 °C and more in the summer inside the sopra swimming pool canopy. This means you can decide to do without additional heating at least in the summer with a clear conscience. Thanks to the swimming pool canopy the bathing season can now start much earlier in the spring and last into October. And more than that: With little cost, the swimming pool can be kept ice free in the winter and used for example as a plunge pool after a sauna.

A swimming pool canopy from sopra also scores points with regard to cleanliness. The amount of dirt that finds its way into the pool is reduced significantly, which means lower cleaning costs, particularly on the poolside. Fewer treatment chemicals are needed, whereby the amount of freshwater needed is also reduced.

One of the most important arguments for a sopra swimming pool canopy, however, is safety: The stable design with lockable doors prevents small children, pets and curious four-legged garden residents from falling into the pool. The guaranteed minimum load capacity of the pool canopy of 75 kg/m² and more is structurally tested by an independent body.

Material and workmanship make the difference

sopra swimming pool canopies impress with their high quality:

  • The aluminium profiles used are specially hardened, anodised and also powder-coated if required.
  • The extremely resistant polycarbonate twin-wall sheets used have a 10-year guarantee against yellowing and hail (according to guarantee certificate) and are provided with a “no-drop” coating in the production process.
  • Stainless steel ball bearings with a maintenance-free lifetime lubrication are used in the rollers.
  • The seal between the elements consists of a special rubber mixture developed for this application. The rubber does not rub against the polycarbonate sheets.
  • All of the materials used were selected taking into account their durability.
  • The workmanship is – technically and optically – of the highest standard.

Due to the individual production and wide variety, many other solutions are possible for (almost) any local conditions.

Customised canopies for the outdoor pool

If you would like to use your outdoor pool whatever the weather, a swimming pool canopy is the right choice. The translucent segments protect you against the wind and rain. You can therefore also swim your lengths or drift in the pool during cold and wet weather.

Create a carefree idyll with a sopra swimming pool canopy – a water kingdom in which you feel right at home.

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