Swimming pool covers for private and public indoor and outdoor pools

For unadulterated bathing pleasure

Water awakens the senses and restores vitality: For many, spending time in their swimming pool in their own home is a harmonious composition of relaxation, sport and recovery.

In order to save both the environment and money, and to enjoy swimming in crystal-clear water, the installation of a swimming pool cover is recommended for outdoor and indoor pools.

Why should swimming pools be covered?

Without an adequate cover your outdoor pool will lose almost all of the heat you have supplied via the heating system, natural sunlight or a solar energy system at night due to evaporation and radiation.

A cover on an outdoor pool will also reduce external contamination of the pool, e.g. from falling leaves.

In the case of an indoor pool, a cover is necessary for energy-saving reasons and to reduce the indoor temperature. If the pool is covered, the room temperature can even be reduced to below the water temperature when the pool is not in use. As a result the room temperature is much more pleasant, the air is much less humid and the running time of the dehumidifier is reduced.

Advantages of swimming pool covers

Regardless of whether they are used with an outdoor or indoor pool: The numerous advantages of a cover make swimming pool owners feel good.

The following advantages which come with the use of a swimming pool cover are dependent on the type of pool and the type and version of cover.

  • With swimming pool covers, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 80 %: With heated outdoor pools and indoor pools, heating costs can be saved. In addition, when a cover is used with indoor pools, dehumidification is reduced because less water is condensed.
  • Water evaporation and water consumption can be reduced by up to 70 % with a basic pool cover, and this figure is even higher if a better cover is used.
  • With SOLAR roller shutter covers heat can also be generated.
  • The running time of the climate control system is reduced.
  • The consumption of water treatment chemicals is reduced by up to 60 %.
  • Coarse contamination is reduced.
  • The indoor climate is improved.
  • The bathing season is extended by 1-2 months, because the water cools more slowly and, due to the solar effect, even the rays of sun (in the spring/autumn) can be used to provide heat with solar energy.
  • A fully-automated operation without pulling and cranking is possible.
  • The structure is protected.
  • For outdoor pools, wind and storm protection is optional.
  • The cover protects against unauthorised use of the swimming pool.
  • Some types of cover offer higher durability.
  • Under certain conditions (handles, safety support edge, etc.) a cover can also provide good protection against accidents for children, adults and pets.

A wide selection of cover systems for different pools

Swimming pool covers can be divided into the following categories: floating covers, covers which have no contact with the water, fully-automated roller shutter covers, safety covers, semi-automated or manual multi-layer foil covers, manual air cushion covers, winter nets and canopies.

sopra swimming pool covers are distinguished by their long life and as a result their payback period is in proportion with their benefit. In addition, they are robust, low-maintenance, UV and chemical-resistant and have little effect on the pool water hydraulic system.

Our sopra partners offer the following cover systems:

The air cushion cover is a basic and cost-effective floating summer cover.

The advantage of this type of cover is that the air cushion cover absorbs solar energy and as a result heats the pool water.

As the air cushion cover does not provide any protection against accidents, additional measures will be necessary.

The air cushion cover cannot be used in winter. Instead a tarpaulin or a winter net has to be used.

The net cover protects the pool in winter against dirt and contamination when stormy winds occur. This type of cover also provides noprotection against accidents.

The advantages of the net cover are that it can be used for all forms of swimming pool up to a size of 100 m² and that algae formation is reduced.

The net cover can be used both separately and combined with a roller shutter cover. In the latter case, the roller shutter cover is protected by the additional use of the net cover.

One advantage of the thermal protection roller cover is that it reduces algae growth.

It can also serve as a safety cover: If it is installed as per the instructions, it provides the highest possible degree of safety for small children and small animals (able to take a load of up to 30 kg).

It can be operated manually using a hand crank (with gear reduction) or a motorised crank.

Two types of roller shutter cover are possible: above and below ground.

The roller shutter cover reduces algae formation.

It can be opened and closed conveniently by radio remote control.

The roller shutter cover protects against unauthorised opening and unauthorised use of the swimming pool.

If the swimming pool has a handrail on three sides or an approx. 10 cm wide supporting edge below the water surface, a roller shutter cover can even carry a person if necessary.

This type of cover is also available with solar features which means that pool owners do not have to provide the pool with additional heating.

The thermo roll foil cover reduces algae production. Its advantage is that virtually any surface geometry can be covered in an energy-saving manner, because the material can be cut to size. It can be operated manually or semi-automatically.

Important information for pool owners on protection against accidents

Comprehensive protection against accidents is the be-all and end-all for any swimming pool. Every swimming pool owner is responsible for ensuring that his swimming pool does not present a risk to life and limb. This is even the case for example if children gain unauthorised access to the swimming pool.

A cover which is rolled up on the side of the pool or in the garage is therefore unable to contribute to pool safety. When you are buying a cover, you should therefore ensure that the cover is easy and convenient to use, because experience shows that covers are only used if they can be used easily by a single person without physical exertion. And this factor in turn has a direct effect on protection against accidents.

Expert advice on the cover systems

Our sopra partners would be happy to advise you on the various cover systems and help you to find the cover which meets precisely your needs and is right for your pool.

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