Exclusive design prefab pools

Exclusive pools with complete swimming pool technology - prefabricated by sopra

Nowadays swimming pools are no longer a luxury which only a few people can afford. On the contrary: In the last few years they have even been responsible for major changes in the area of architecture. Swimming pools now offer not only many more functions than before, they are also taking on new forms which create indescribably beautiful pool landscapes, indoors and outdoors.

Prefab pools are available from us in the form of one-piece pools made out of high-quality FRP, PVC and timeless stainless steel.

Our premium one-piece models at a glance

The range of prefab pools is wide. For this reason, builders should seek advice about the individual types of one-piece pools before they plan their swimming pool. The list below provides you with an overview of the most popular prefab pools from sopra.

sopra PVC and polyester (FRP) one-piece pools

sopra’s high-level one-piece pools offer a special bathing experience with the water surface only 3-4 cm below the top level of the pool.

Basic elements for production:

  • “High-level” overflow shaft for Karat swimming pool
  • Underfloor roller shutter recess without cover
  • All pool connections are already prepared for the pipe installation.

Special features:

  • Optimal surface skimming
  • Low wave reflection
  • Integrated balance tank
  • Skimmer technology in balance tank
  • Combination with underfloor recess
  • Possibility of slight revision
  • Separate level tank
  • Can be used individually

sopra Karat PVC swimming pools are available as one-piece or element pools. All of your needs and wishes can be fulfilled with a sopra Karat PVC swimming pool.

Special features:

  • Exclusivity in shape and design
  • Special surface stabilisation due to unique “honeycomb system“
  • All geometrically constructible shapes are possible
  • High surface and temperature stability
  • High-quality production due to sandwich design
  • Shape stability due to FRP and steel construction
  • Special applications for private and public swimming pools
  • Design to DIN 19643 is possible

The Kristall series comprises rectangular, fully-insulated, hard PVC pools in a very high-quality sandwich design with a unique, glass-fibre-reinforced honeycomb system. The surrounding steel construction is attached firmly to the pool body, welded, plastic-coated and sealed. A stable pool head with support allows the fitting of poolside stones or natural-stone surfaces.

Special features:

  • Short delivery times (from stock)
  • Finish in long-proven KARAT quality
  • Floor drainage with perforated plate
  • Preparation for suction nozzles 2”
  • Preparation for spotlight on steps side
  • Preparation for counter-current system on head side
  • Underfloor cover can be fitted for an extra charge
  • Poolside stones necessary

Custom-made sopra PVC one-piece pools are constructed using the same highest-quality materials as the prefab PVC pools. These swimming pools, built entirely to your wishes and expectations, enable, with a maximum variety of shapes, an especially uncomplicated process without extensive planning.

Special features:

  • Specific pool size
  • Short construction and installation time
  • Wide range of shapes and accessories
  • High level of creativity
  • Variety of shapes
  • Very long life

It is the attention to detail and the handcrafted perfection, even with details of secondary importance, which make swimming pools from sopra something special. We have developed intelligent solutions which offer you and your family an extensive range of relaxation options.

Special features:

  • One-piece pools in standard sizes or segment pools in free form
  • Light weight
  • Short installation time
  • Temperature stability up to max. 30 °C
  • Insulation dependent on model and manufacturer
  • Cantilever constructions are possible
  • High-quality, high-strength FRP material
  • Many shapes available

sopra stainless steel one-piece pools

sopra stainless steel pools save time. They are characterised by short construction and installation times. The pool is prefabricated in the factory and is installed in around one week.

The smooth material surface prevents algae formation. The rounded edges between the floor and side wall enable easy cleaning of the pool by the pool robot. And no special measures are needed for winter.

Special features:

  • Exclusivity in shape and design, all geometrically constructible shapes are possible
  • Can be changed, increased or reduced in size at any time
  • Very high temperature stability
  • Shape stability and dimensional precision
  • Highly resistant surface
  • Cantilever constructions are possible
  • Design to DIN 19643 is possible
  • Short installation time
  • Very long life and therefore high value stability

sopra stainless steel one-piece pools are available in 2 versions: Skimmer pools and overflow pools

With the skimmer system designed by us, the water level in the pool is only approx. 8 cm below the poolside level. The adjustable suction nozzles are arranged individually and appropriately for the respective pool.

sopra already offers swimming pools with a surrounding overflow channel with the standard pool range. The drainage of the near-surface pool water on all sides ensures the clearance of floating materials and the most-polluted pool water. The water surface remains free of insects and leaves, and is always hygienic and inviting.

The treated pool water is fed optimally by the clean water distribution and inflow system integrated in the pool floor so that all parts of the pool always have an adequate level of disinfectant. Stainless steel swimming pools spend the winter filled with water. There is no risk of frost damage.

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