Swimming pool accessories: Tailored perfectly to your pool

The sopra range of accessories for pool entry, shower systems and pool cleaning

The swimming pool of today is a reflection of its owner’s personality. For the many possible designs and furnishing allow the imagination to run wild. We do our bit towards this. High in quality, ground-breaking in design. Whether a private or public pool, outdoor or indoor pool – only a clean pool looks really inviting. Easy access to the pool and the option of preliminary cleaning should also be available.

The market of accessories and cleaners is wide-ranging. sopra again offers optimal solutions here as well as high-quality and reliable equipment. Whether you want something tried and tested from our extensive product range or an extraordinary custom-made product – we offer the perfect solution. The sopra range of accessories includes products for pool cleaning, pool entry, before and after-cleaning products and pool showers. All of our partners also offer you other custom-made solutions.

Pool cleaning – All for cleanliness

Cleanliness is always given the highest priority in the bathing world, for only cleanliness guarantees absolute relaxation – regardless of whether in a private or public, outdoor or indoor pool. The market of accessories and cleaners is wide-ranging, but sopra has already made a preliminary selection for you and offers you only optimal solutions and high-quality and reliable equipment.

Individual cleaning systems from sopra

In addition to manual and semi-automated cleaning systems, sopra also offers cleaning robots. These compact, nimble helpers clean your pool efficiently and thoroughly:

sopra cleaners

sopra cleaners also ensure an additional flow of water through the pool – saving water and energy. The use of a cleaning robot contributes to the thorough distribution of water treatment products. This reduces the formation of algae and bacteria. Some sopra cleaner models clean not only the pool floor, but also the walls and water line. Different suction powers and programming functions are available for every need. The optimal, hygienic cleaning of the pool floor and, depending on the model, also the side walls is guaranteed when using a sopra cleaner. For unadulterated bathing pleasure

Other pool accessories made in Germany

The consistent delivery of quality is important to us, we therefore recommend high-quality stainless steel products which guarantee you many years of pleasure from your existing or new pool – made in Germany.

sopra stainless steel pool ladders and steps

The pool is only complete when it has a pool ladder or steps. For easy entry and exit from the pool, pool ladders and pool steps are essential. Depending on your preference or desired level of comfort, stainless steel models are often the first choice. Timelessly modern, spotless and high-quality, they embellish indoor and outdoor pools equally. Our tip: When planning the pool entry, an entry ladder is much less expensive than steps.

sopra pool showers: A quick cool off on hot days

sopra stainless steel garden showers – for spontaneous, soothing refreshment in an elegant design. The sopra garden showers can be installed separately, but would also act as an ideal complement the swimming pool. These exclusive products are of the highest quality. Whether you want a cold-water shower or a cold-hot-water shower – the elegant models made out of high-quality stainless steel create a visual highlight in your garden or right by the pool.

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