sopra swimming pool technology: Attention given to every little detail

Only the right pool technology ensures crystal-clear water

Basically, it is like with a trendy swimming costume: Fashion alone has never made a good swimmer. It is similar with a fabulous pool: The most beautiful swimming pool and the most elegant wellness area will not bring you much pleasure in the long run without intelligent technology.

With our automated and high-quality sopra swimming pool technology, we provide you with the ideal conditions for optimal hygiene, the greatest possible safety, pleasant comfort and cost-effective and energy-saving use.

Individual technology solutions around the pool

A high level of technological know-how and creativity make sopra AG the swimming pool construction specialist for you. From water supply systems, physical water treatment and filter technology as well as water treatment, disinfection and pool cleaning: You will receive from us the most important information on how to operate the swimming pool control technology, pool water heating system and indoor pool climate control – for your private pool or our public indoor pool - from one provider.

Energy efficiency and intuitive operation: Pool technology from the experts

With an appropriate pool control system from sopra, the pool maintenance and water treatment are not a problem. Basically, all of the products we use are committed to the principle of energy efficiency and sustainability.

sopra pool control touch: This name combines all the functions which are necessary for a safe pool operation. The sopra pool control touch and the combination of sopra test premium 17 with the sopra pool control touch form a central control unit and can also be operated from mobile devices. The new universal pool control also includes:

  • Time-controlled circulation control with integrated automatic backwash system and automatic rinse system
  • Speed control for circulation pumps with or without frequency converter
  • ECO operation to reduce circulation speed
  • Control of valves for floor drainage, backwashing, rinsing or pool changeover
  • Integrated level control, pool heating control, UV system control, attraction control and underwater lighting, solar support
  • Integrated visualisation of a Herget ventilation system
  • Safety functions, e.g. for wastewater disorders or dosage release

Five different system concepts are programmed in the control unit and can be selected at the time of start-up: Pool with skimmer or overflow channel or a combined solution of swimming pool with connected whirlpool.

The swimming pool control unit is operated via a colour touch display or an internet-capable device (PC, smartphone or tablet). The unit is operated and parameters are set via the websites integrated in the filter control using a LAN connection and standard browser. With sopra pool control touch all of the important settings can be monitored in a convenient and easy-to-understand manner and if necessary changed. On the websites, parameters can be displayed or alarms and limit-monitoring functions can be configured.

For years we have vigorously pursued the goal of giving sopra partners a unique selling proposition the market compared to the competition with our own branded products. One example of this is the new sopra range of pumps. SPECK-Pumpen has developed a range of pumps which it produces exclusively for sopra AG. In sopra white aluminium and orange, they are unmistakably part of the sopra product family:

  • The sopra filter pump "Classic": Standard filter pump with a performance range of 10 to 16 m³/h with a delivery head of 6 m.
  • The sopra filter pump "Premium VS": speed-regulated pump with a performance of 5 to 37 m³/h for exclusive private and hotel pools.
  • The sopra filter pump "Perfekt": with its performance range of 7 to 30 m³/h, optimised for conventional needs.

The conventional drive variants are supplemented by the "sopra Perfekt VS", a pump with a variable speed and efficient synchronous drive. It is particularly low-noise, can be controlled manually or externally, while the performance range covers virtually the whole range of asynchronous variants.

We set the bar high: sopra pool technology in use

This private pool is one good example of how modern, high-end outdoor living can be realised in practice: The white PVC pool, 15 metres long and 4.5 metres wide, was embedded in a wooden terrace, which is enclosed on three sides by a pool house. The pool itself has a pool head with channel behind which is covered with natural stones, and whispering drains, which prevent unwanted noise as far as possible. Further technical components of the pool are:

  • Safety flap with sensor in the overflow channel which shuts down the system in the event of a power failure and the feed to the plant room
  • Integration of a pedestal as a play area for children in the pool entrance area
  • grando roller shutter cover in polycarbonate silver, housed inside a pool shaft
  • LED spotlight in white
  • Plant room in the basement of the pool house
  • Selfclean surge water container, integrated by control in the pool water treatment
  • UVC installation as additional disinfection level
  • Intercommand pool control
  • sopra Profi filter control
  • Automatic flocculant dosage
  • Frequency-controlled pump
  • Besgo valve
  • Two automatic foliage separators

The convenience benefits for the operator are huge. The built-in, automatically-operating sopra technology saves not only energy costs over the long term, but also reduces time spent on maintenance. The pool also looks impressive due to its timeless, modern swimming pool design and its owner will be able to enjoy it for a long time to come.

Are you looking for clever swimming pool technology? We would be happy to advise you

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