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Awaken your senses – with a jump into your own pool

Do you dream of having a custom-made swimming pool? Would you like to make an energetic start to the day by swimming a few lengths in the cool water or spend a pleasant evening in the garden enjoying the view over the water?

Whether you want a modern outdoor pool in your own garden, an integrated indoor designer pool in your home for your daily cardio workout or an infinity pool in a hillside location with a fabulous view: sopra even turns pool dreams which are out of the ordinary into reality.

In order to meet the individual customer requirements, different types of pools, materials and modern swimming pool technology can be combined in a harmonious overall package. Ultimately, the choice of pool type will always be determined by the local conditions, the type of use (public or private), the structural analysis and of course the look.

We and our sopra partners provide every single customer with personal and professional support in finding the right type of pool, from the initial idea, to its implementation and to the regular maintenance and care of the swimming pool – throughout Germany and with our European partners in the Netherlands, Austria, Poland and Spain.

3,2,1, go. Dive into our pool of ideas!

These are the most common pool types

  • Skimmer pools
  • Overflow / infinity pools
  • High-level pools

Three pool types, one decision: Skimmer pools, overflow pools and high-level pools have different features, and different advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing the type of pool which best meets their individual needs, future swimming pool builders should be well informed.

Materials in swimming pool construction

  • PVC (sopra carat PVC swimming pool)
  • Polyester (glass fibre reinforced plastic, FRP)
  • Concrete and foil-lined concrete
  • Stainless steel (VA)
  • Polystone (PP)

Pool types

Shapes and production methods

One-piece pools are produced in the common standard swimming pool sizes – the variety of shapes is therefore somewhat limited – while element pools are available in almost all shapes and sizes. Element pools are assembled on site, polymerised and sealed without visible seams.

Depending on the method of production, different materials are used for pools. One-piece and element pools can be produced using PVC, FRP, polystone or stainless steel. Concrete and foil-lined concrete pools, on the other hand, are poured from concrete and decorated in combination with tiles, plates, glass mosaic or natural stone, or first built with concrete or bricks and then lined with foil.

Swimming pools from the market leader – custom-made with attention to detail

The choice of customisable swimming pools is wide, because a range of pool systems, production methods and construction materials are available for your dream pool. We would be happy to advise you personally - on site or at one of over 30 sopra partners – in order to help you find, plan and realise your ideal swimming pool. Contact us.

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