Customise your sauna – Modern design ideas for your personal dream sauna

Stylish design options for the realisation of your own sauna

Let your imagination run wild, provide space for creativity: Saunas are customisable – on the outside and inside.

However, a certain framework is specified. Before the actual sauna construction stage, i.e. in the sauna planning stage, for example the following should be considered: As sauna sessions involve rotating between heating, cooling down and rest, access to fresh air should always be available – whether from a terrace next to the sauna area or a window close to the sweat cabin. The possibility of taking a shower should also be planned.

In order to feel good in your own sauna, the sauna should also be designed according to your own wishes and preferences and fit in with its immediate surroundings. For a harmonious overall concept adds to the feel-good factor. This is why saunas are customisable.

Would you like to customise your sauna? We would be happy to advise you

Our sopra partners would be happy to help you design a unique sauna which is tailored to your personal preferences and fits in perfectly with its surroundings. For even more relaxation, our partners would also be happy to help you in the planning and construction of swimming pools, whirlpools and swim spas.

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