Individual sauna interior – True beauty comes from within

Design the sauna interior to be modern and stylish

If it is raining or snowing outside, it is especially enjoyable to lie down and warm up in your own sauna. At the same time the immune system is strengthened.

The comfort and feel-good factor can also be raised by the interior design of the sauna, which is tailored to the personal taste of the sauna owner.

High-quality interior for a relaxing sauna experience

Depending on the sauna model and individual preferences, cantilever benches and wall panelling made out of wood or natural stone can be installed to enhance the sauna.

Different climate heaters, control units and infrared equipment can also be installed.

Additional LED lighting can provide an atmospheric setting for your sauna. You can turn the sauna session into your very personal relaxation experience.

Further design options for the sauna interior:

The doors of the sauna can be seen from both outside and inside. You can choose between classic wood doors, wood doors with glass panel or modern glass doors. If a glass door is installed, light can enter the sauna interior from outside.

The interior walls of the sauna can be designed according to the personal preferences of the customer. For example, the walls can be panelled using different woods. The future sauna owner can choose between softline profiles made out of polar spruce, aspen or hemlock.

Alternatively, the walls can be covered with different veneer panels. These are laid horizontally. In this way the sycamore, hemlock or walnut veneer panels provide the sauna with a special look.

Natural stone can also be used for the interior wall panelling. However, it should be borne in mind that the wall panelling should always include a certain wood content, because wood retains the heat better. Our sopra partners would be happy to advise you on this point. A further design option is to replace one wall of the sauna with a generous glass front. The frameless glass elements allow a seamless transition between the interior and exterior and a generous amount of light.

Sauna heaters and control units – The basis for an invigorating sauna experience

Positioned on the wall or on the floor: Whether a space-saving wall heater with a brushed stainless steel cover and an anthracite-coloured, powder-coated outer casing or a stainless steel free-standing heater in a modern, timeless design with anthracite-coloured side walls – we offer you a choice from a range of sauna heaters.

We also offer stylish control units so that you can easily set the heating time and sauna temperature. These also have a timer. The sauna lighting can also be dimmed using the control unit. If desired, a control unit is available which can be controlled by smartphone or a mobile device via an app. Sauna heaters for commercial use are also offered.

Thanks to a vaporiser integrated in the climate heater, the temperature and humidity are infinitely variable: From hot and dry to mild and humid.

The climate heaters, available as wall and free-standing heaters, are easy to operate.

The climate control units have a timer and allow you to set the heating time and sauna temperature.

If desired, a control unit is available which can be controlled by smartphone or a mobile device via an app.

The control pad with intuitively operable and innovative touchscreen navigation allow you to easily adjust the desired bathing mode, temperature and light intensity. In addition, a timer and other functions are available.

If desired, a control unit is available which can be controlled by smartphone or a mobile device via an app.

Colour light systems for the ceiling immerse saunas in atmospheric light. Using a remote control, sauna owners can dim the light and choose the desired light colour – red, green, blue or yellow. Each colour has a certain effect on your mood. Blue light has a calming effect, red light cheers you up, green light has a regenerating effect, while yellow light lifts the spirits.

Sauna goers can also easily control the light colour and brightness of indirectly illuminated backrests by remote control. In addition, the back of the heater area can also be illuminated.

The starlit sky effect lighting is magical – in sparkling white or with a change of colour.

Continuous LED strips are a further effect lighting option available. These can be fitted horizontally and vertically to the interior walls of the sauna – or, for modern floor lighting, to the underside of the bench front edge. Light colour, brightness and colour change can also be adjusted by the remote control.

  • Infrared heaters integrated in the benches, walls or ceiling, provide natural heat from within.
  • Easily adjustable backrests for comfortable seating, headrests and ergonomically-designed benches make the visit to even more relaxing.
  • For the comfortable reading of books, a reading lamp with a flexible arm can be installed in the sauna.

Further accessories are available to enhance and customise your sauna.

Would you like to customise your sauna? – We would be happy to advise you

Our sopra partners are experts in sauna technology and have many years of experience in the construction of the different sauna types.

Our partners would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the planning, drawing up, individual design and construction of your personal dream sauna, breathtaking swimming pools, modern whirlpools and swim spas. Therefore a whole wellness oasis could be built.

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