Cosy sauna area or sauna rest room for relaxation after sweating

Planning and designing the sauna surroundings

With sauna sessions, sauna goers can restore their inner harmony after an eventful day. In order to achieve the desired relaxation effect, after sweating, fresh air and cooling off with cold water are essential. Therefore both access to outside or a small window and a shower or bathing facilities close to the sauna are essential – for both indoor and outdoor saunas.

As the change between hot and cold temperatures is exhausting for the body, you need to take a rest afterwards. Ideally an inviting sauna area or a cosily furnished sauna rest room is next to the sauna. Regardless of whether a sauna owner finds it easy to relax by taking a snooze, listening to music or with colour light: The design of the sauna area or sauna rest room is planned on an individual basis and tailored to your personal needs.

Customise the sauna area or sauna room

The sauna area or sauna room can be customised – for example with mosaic or natural stone tiles. With attractive sauna accessories, the sauna area can be personalised further.

Sauna rest room for relaxation after the sauna session

The general rule is that the sauna rest room should be heated and adequately ventilated. The floor cover should also be easy to clean and not be slippery.

Future sauna owners are allowed to be creative when designing their sauna

Wall colours raise the comfort factor. As the interior wall is exposed to higher humidity, when choosing the wall colours and materials the same conditions apply as for a bathroom.

The furnishing of the sauna rest room should fit in with the overall concept. Here, less is more: puristic and with clear lines, the room looks neat and tidy, comfortable benches or sofas invite you to take a relaxing snooze with quiet music in the background.

Just like in the interior of the sauna, indirect lighting can also be used in the sauna rest room.

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Our sopra partners would be happy to advise you on the planning of your dream sauna and your very own sauna area or sauna rest room. In order to complement the wellness oasis, our partners also offer the construction of swimming pools, whirlpools and swim spas.

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