Planning a custom-made sauna – Turn the dream of your own sauna into reality

Modern design sauna or classic solid wood sauna? Plan your custom-made sauna to fit precisely

Due to hectic everyday life, the relationship between body and mind is often forgotten about. A visit to the sauna slows down life and restores harmony between body and soul. Sauna goers therefore quickly recharge their batteries and can motivated and happily set about taking on new tasks.

In order to enjoy the sessions in your own future sauna to the full, extensive sauna planning is required.

Relax on cloud 9 in your custom-made sopra sauna

With sopra saunas, wellness dreams become reality. They will meet any demands when it comes to luxury. Their elegant exterior combines with the perfectly-designed interior to produce a well-thought-out and attractive whole.

Almost any layout is possible – sloping walls or ceilings are also not a problem: Custom-made saunas blend in perfectly with their surroundings. Areas under sloping ceilings or in corners do not need to be left unused.

What generally needs to be considered in the planning of a sauna?

Regardless of whether in the basement, in the living area, in the bathroom, in the loft conversion, in the garden or in the recreation area: A sauna is either planned to be integrated into a room or to be free-standing indoors or outdoors.

It is planned and made to measure specifically for each customer – in any size. A sauna for four to five people should for example be at least 2 × 2.20 m and two metres high.

In addition, the following requirements generally need to be met before the actual sauna construction:

  • Connections should be available for electricity and water. For electricity, a high voltage connection of approx. 400 volts for a heat output of 6-8 KW is recommended.
  • The ground on which the sauna will be positioned also has to satisfy certain conditions: It has to be smooth and in particular waterproof.
  • Adequate ventilation of the sauna is also necessary. For this reason a window or a mechanical ventilation system has to be included in the planning of the sauna.
  • In addition, there should always be access to fresh air in the immediate vicinity of the sauna – whether a window or a nearby terrace.

As an option, a shower, bath or a rest area close to the sauna can also be considered.

Intensive sauna planning – Perfect realisation of individual sauna dreams

When planning a sauna, a fundamental decision has to be made: Do you want an element sauna or a solid wood sauna? These two types form the basis for all saunas custom-made to the specifications of the respective customer.

  • sopra element saunas consist of individual isolated elements and are screwed in sandwich design with special dried 16 mm thick panels and an interior heat insulation with vapour barrier onto a frame to form an attractive whole.
  • sopra solid wood saunas consist of 58 mm thick block planks made out of polar spruce or fir wood which are placed on top of each other. They are held together by clamping devices. However, they do not need to be retightened.

Decision-making help for planning your indoor sauna: Element or solid wood sauna?

Element sauna

The element sauna, also called a prefab sauna or system sauna, consists of individual, isolated elements. The wooden slats are screwed onto a frame. The element sauna is assembled quickly.

Solid wood sauna

A solid wood sauna is a sauna which is built using solid wood planks.

Element sauna

Element saunas come in many shapes and sizes: in standard sizes and made-to-measure saunas. The interior can be finished for example with veneer.

Solid wood sauna

The look of the solid wood planks is often preferred to the boards of an element sauna. Nice side effect: When heated, the wood planks give off a pleasant woody aroma.

Element sauna

The element sauna fits into small rooms. The element design is also used for outdoors saunas.

Solid wood sauna

The solid wood sauna can be assembled indoors or in the garden.

Element sauna

The element sauna can be disassembled and reassembled in another location. The individual prefab components can be arranged in a number of ways. Upgrades, such as benches, can be fitted later.

Solid wood sauna

Solid wood saunas are a long-term investment: They make sense for home owners who are not planning to move in the near future and for business owners.

Element sauna

The components of the element sauna have a greater insulating effect than the wood of the solid wood sauna.

Solid wood sauna

No additional insulating material is needed. The thicker the wood, the greater the insulating effect.

Element sauna

The element sauna is heated quicker than the solid wood sauna.

Solid wood sauna

The preheating time may be longer for the solid wood sauna, but the wood planks retain the heat better and release this back evenly into their surroundings. This radiant heat is found to be particularly pleasant.

Layout of the sauna – Designing the sauna interior

The harmonious interior of a sopra sauna is characterised by rounded edges and new, reinforced benches made out of splinter-free obeche wood. Depending on the size, up to three rows of benches can be installed, three-part backrests and bench infill panels guarantee an exclusive look. The movable benches also make it easier to clean the floor – an important factor when it comes to the maintenance of the sauna.

Every sopra sauna can be customised and therefore adapted to the customer’s needs.

The sauna interior can be designed according to your personal preferences: Modern LED colour light systems provide for example a special feel-good atmosphere. The sauna can also be converted into a bio sauna – here the sauna heater only has to be replaced by a climate heater. Selected sauna accessories also give the sauna a personal touch.

Exterior panelling to the ceiling is possible.

Get some more sauna design ideas here to stimulate your individual sauna planning.

Planning a custom-made sauna – We would be happy to advise you

From the planning of the sauna to the finished sauna in your home or garden, our sopra partners will be pleased to provide you with advice – regardless of the sauna type desired. Our partners also make saunas for commercial use.

In order to raise the recreational factor of your wellness area, they also offer the planning and construction of swimming pools and whirlpools.

Ask the sopra partner near you directly, without commitment.

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