Purchase price of a sauna and running costs incurred

What does a sauna cost and what maintenance costs are incurred?

Health is priceless – Regular sauna sessions can strengthen the immune system and, if you are feeling tense, help to relieve the symptoms. Those who own their own sauna save themselves the travel time to the public sauna and can therefore start to enjoy the soothing relaxation of a sauna earlier and do something good for their health. In short: Sauna buyers invest in their health.

In order for the joy of owning your own sauna to last for years to come, you need to take into account certain aspects in the planning of a sauna and in the purchase of a sauna – before construction – the future running costs.

Both the maintenance costs and the purchase cost of a sauna are dependent on many different factors, but can be calculated in the planning.

Eyes wide open when buying a sauna – purchase cost of a sauna

The purchase price of a sauna depends on the production and furnishing desired by the respective customer. Here the following factors are key:

  • Do you want an element sauna or a solid wood sauna?
  • Is the sauna free-standing or is it to be integrated into the room?
  • What will be the dimensions of the sauna?
  • What individual wishes are to be realised?
  • Do you want a wood or glass door?
  • What shape and colour will your dream sauna have?
  • Will the sauna have a glass front and/or free-moving benches?
  • What exterior panelling do you want?
  • Is a colour light system to be integrated?
  • What sauna accessories do you want?
  • Are connections for water and electricity already available?
  • Is the ground on which the sauna will be positioned already smooth and waterproof?
  • Is a shower, bath or sauna rest area also planned?
  • What sauna heater is to be installed?

Basically, the life of the sauna and the maintenance-free sauna heater is also dependent on the usage behaviour of the sauna owners. With saunas for commercial use, particular attention needs to be paid to this aspect, including the expected guest numbers.

Future costs: How high are the running costs of a sauna?

The additional costs of a sauna are – just like the purchase price – dependent on many factors:

  • The future running costs are influenced significantly in the planning of the sauna: For example, the size of the sauna has an effect on the level of running costs.
  • In addition, adequate insulation of the walls should be ensured in the planning stage. For, depending on the thickness of the sauna walls, the energy costs for the sauna will be lower or higher.
  • The sauna heater chosen at the time of purchase also influences the level of running costs.

So that future sauna owners can calculate roughly what running costs they can expect, they should estimate among other things how often and how long they will use the sauna. The should take into account in the calculation that energy costs are variable and might rise in the future.

A solid wood sauna can not only be heated with an electric heater, but also with wood. The wood consumption and associated costs are also dependent on the type and size of the sauna.

Summary: Is it worth buying a sauna?

The purchase and running costs of a sauna should be calculated as fully as possible before buying. However, the purchase of a sauna is a long-term investment in your own health - consequently it will pay off.

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