High-quality sauna accessories

Individual supplementary equipment for your own dream sauna

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and love is always in the detail – this principle applies to many areas of life, including saunas. Selected sauna accessories turn the sauna into your personal retreat: You can enhance the sauna with great and useful extras entirely to your own taste. sopra offers you for this purpose a wide range of practical sauna accessories – available in a set or individually – from which you will gain a lot of pleasure. Some – such as the sand timer and thermo hygrometer – make ideal gifts for passionate sauna goers.

Give your own sauna a personal touch with high-quality accessories

With the following accessories you can give your sauna a personal touch

  • Sauna infusion set
  • Sauna and shower peeling salt set
  • Sauna fragrance oils
  • Sauna infusion systems
  • Sauna kilt
  • Sauna hat
  • Sauna headrests
  • 4-point ergonomic headrests
  • Sauna cushions
  • Sauna bucket
  • Sauna infusion dipper
  • Sand timer
  • Sauna stones
  • Sauna menthol crystals
  • Sauna humidifiers
  • Sauna honey and sauna care
  • Sauna lights
  • Colour light therapy (retrofit possible)
  • Retrofittable colour light systems
  • Sauna speakers
  • Sauna thermometer and hygrometer
  • Signs with sauna rules
  • … and much more!

We would be happy to advise you on the sauna accessories offered

From infusion sets to humidifiers and speakers: the wide range of sauna accessories is available from our sopra partners. Our partners are also specialists in the planning and construction of different sauna types.

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