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Quality, aesthetics and comfort for sauna moments without parallel

Genuine sauna fans appreciate not only the soothing heat, but also the positive effects of sweating on their health and mood. A visit to the sauna virtually gets under your skin and it is therefore no surprise that especially high importance is attributed to perfect sauna technology in the conception of high-quality sauna landscapes. Whether sauna heaters, climate systems or control units - we would be happy to advise you.

The heart of every sopra sauna: The right heater

Filled with stones and emitting heat: A sauna only becomes a perfect retreat when it is furnished with the right equipment and sauna accessories. In life it is the inner values that matter - and it is the same for saunas. Sauna and climate heaters, accompanying control units, soothing infrared heaters and numerous other extras allow sauna goers to lean back and relax.

The sauna heater always has a central role. For it should only enable excellent sauna bathing, but also fulfil its purpose for as long as possible. When choosing the right sauna or climate heater, you should always look for excellent quality, safety and long life. Details, such as a good airflow and, associated with this, low air outlet temperatures, ensure the perfect climate, while the accompanying VDE tested sauna control unit provides the finishing touch to comfort.

How the temperature and humidity differ by sauna type

The best bio sauna climate comes from within

With our climate heaters you enjoy a sauna experience with that little extra. The individual control of temperature and humidity provides a very pleasant feel-good climate that offers a wide range of bathing forms - including sauna, hot-air bath, herbal bath and soft steam bath. This allows a lot of variety in every sauna session. A high humidity combined with low temperatures creates a particularly gentle bio- sauna climate, which is ideal especially for children and sensitive people.

LED light effects for an individual sauna

Modern and energy-saving colour light systems transform your sopra sauna into a place where you not only take a sauna, but also brighten up your mood. Whether a colour light system subtlely integrated in the ceiling or indirect lighting of the backrests: You choose the light colour which you find the most soothing. A particularly atmospheric setting is provided for the sauna interior by a glittering LED night sky which, combined with light crystals, invites you to dream and relax. A highlight for the interior of every sauna is the individual lighting with LED strips. And even the heater area can be indirectly illuminated, making the heart of your sauna the visual centre of attention. All sopra light systems can be conveniently controlled by remote control. Your imagination can run wild. The choice is yours.

What technology is suitable for your sauna? We would be happy to advise you

Which sauna heater and which climate heater is most suitable for your sauna? What colour light system can you use to provide an atmospheric setting for your sauna? One of our sopra partners is near you and would be happy to advise you on these technical questions and all other questions concerning saunas.

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