Different sauna types for different preferences

These sauna types from sopra offer relaxation and recovery

Reduce stress, caress your soul and forget your worries: Switching off from everyday life is especially relaxing in your own sauna. After a sauna session, sauna goers feel like a new a new man or woman.

Saunas have existed since ancient times and it was true back then as it is today: The body can regenerate with visits to the sauna and the soul can find new strength. Among others, the following positive effects of regular visits to the sauna on physical and mental health can be seen: Strengthens the immune system, stimulates the circulation, improves breathing and skin, relaxes the muscles and prevents migraines.

Regardless of whether the sauna is to be used as a retreat for valuable me-time or to relax with the family and friends: Saunas should be tailored to the personal tastes and preferences of sauna owners and at the same time fit in harmoniously with their immediate surroundings. For this purpose you can choose for different sauna locations and sauna applications from different sauna types, ranges, construction methods and designs.

Sauna types for all needs: Numerous locations, construction methods, ranges, types, designs and applications

Sauna locations: Personal retreat in the house or garden

There are saunas for both indoors and outdoors. If a glass front is installed in the indoor or outdoor sauna, the transition between the sauna and the adjoining exterior is seamless. Visitors to an indoor sauna can for example either look through the frameless glass element – depending on the direction – over the sauna area/sauna rest room in front of the sauna or the garden. A floor-to-ceiling glass front also enables visitors to an outdoor sauna an unobstructed view of the garden.

Owners of their own indoor sauna can save themselves the trip to the nearest public sauna and relax in their own four (sauna) walls. The sauna is available in different standard sizes. Custom-made saunas are also possible upon request. These design saunas can also be installed in difficult corners or under sloping ceilings. With different accessories, such as a backrest or a reading lamp, the indoor sauna becomes a cosy retreat. If especially high-quality materials are used in the interior, the design sauna also becomes a true luxury sauna.

The modular outdoor sauna from sopra is a wellness dream come true in your own garden. The modern design sauna house can be tailored to the personal preferences in terms of its look and furnishings.

You can choose here from four different modules in different colour variants with different furnishings and in different sizes.

In this way the outdoor sauna fits in harmoniously in gardens of any size and with the overall look.

Sauna construction methods for individual requirements

In the sauna construction either the element or solid wood construction method is used. Both types of construction have different advantages. They differ for example in structure, look and heat insulation. When planning a sauna, the respective advantages of both construction methods should therefore be carefully weighed up against each other.

An element sauna can be quickly assembled and disassembled. This is particularly advantageous when moving, because a space can be found for it in the new home. A further advantage of the element sauna is that its components have a greater insulating effect than the wood of the solid wood sauna.

Solid wood saunas, with their massive wood planks, not only look very attractive, they also smell nice: When heated, the wood planks give off a characteristic woody aroma. It is not without reason that Finnish saunas are very popular not only in Scandinavia. Both outdoor and indoor saunas can be constructed as solid wood saunas.

Regenerating sauna ranges for body and soul

Sauna ranges differ in their temperature and humidity: You can relax – according to your personal preferences – in a mildly humid climate in the bio sauna or in a hot dry climate in the Finnish sauna. A combination of bio sauna and Finnish sauna is also available. An existing Finnish sauna can also be converted into a bio sauna. For this purpose, the Finnish sauna heater is replaced by a climate heater including control.

In a Finnish sauna temperatures are higher than in a bio sauna: The temperature in the Finnish sauna is up to 100 degrees Celsius, in a bio sauna it is between 45 and 60 degrees. The humidity in the Finnish sauna is lower, though: While this is between 40 and 55 per cent in a bio sauna, it is approx. 10-30 % in the Finnish sauna. If you prefer a Finnish sauna, a solid wood sauna is recommended. For a particularly atmospheric Finnish sauna session, a colour light system can also be installed.

In the bio sauna the humidity is higher and the temperature lower than in the Finnish sauna. Therefore a visit to a bio sauna for people with circulatory problems is more pleasant than a visit to a classic Finnish sauna. Due to the lower temperature, you can spend more time in the bio sauna. Ideal conditions therefore for a relaxing sauna.

Sauna designs for special relaxation moments

In order for a sauna session to become a sauna event, the sauna can be designed according to your personal taste. Custom-made design saunas are the result. They can have – if desired – a floor-to-ceiling glass front. Both the interior and the adjoining sauna area can be tailored to the personal preferences and local conditions.

The design sauna is planned individually and tailored to the personal needs of the customer and the local conditions. For the interior and exterior panelling different high-quality materials are available – for example a frameless glass element can also be installed. With a wide range of accessories, the sauna can be even cosier. Out-of-the-ordinary design and a high-quality interior make the design sauna a true luxury sauna.

In a sauna with a glass front, sauna goers can always keep an eye on what is going on outside of the sauna due to the frameless glass element. The glass front of the panorama sauna can be installed so that sauna looks over the outside world or the adjoining sauna area – as the customer wishes. As light can enter the sauna from outside, the interior is consequently brighter and there is no feeling of claustrophobia. Besides these practical advantages, a sauna with a panoramic view is also a stylish eyecatcher.

Sauna types for specific climate preferences

The steam sauna and the infrared cabin are popular versions of the classic sauna. For both, the temperature is below the temperature levels of a sauna. A visit to a steam bath or an infrared cabin is therefore better for the circulation than a Finnish sauna with its higher temperatures.

A visible, fine water mist envelops visitors to a steam sauna. Here the temperature is between 45 and 55 degrees Celsius, the humidity is almost 100 %. With its higher humidity and lower temperatures, compared to the temperature or humidity levels of a Finnish sauna, the steam bath is often found to be very pleasant by sauna novices. The steam sauna can be customised with among others soothing light effects.

The temperature in an infrared cabin is well below the temperature in a sauna: between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius. As a result, the heat bath is particularly good for the circulation. Furthermore, an infrared cabin can relieve physical discomfort, such as acute pain in the lower back, due to its deep heat function. With an infrared cabin, long preheating is not necessary. A sauna can be fitted with infrared heaters – retrofit possible. The other way round is not possible, though, because an infrared cabin is smaller than a sauna cabin. Also, in infrared cabins woods which are not designed for the high temperatures in a “normal” sauna are used.

Requirements and applications of the sauna

sopra designs saunas for private, public and commercial use, in element or solid wood construction, and in different designs, types and ranges. However, saunas for commercial use have to meet different requirements than saunas for private use. Different technical aspects and of course DIN standards need to be observed and met. All sauna types not only have to meet the needs of the target group of the business concerned, whether a hotel or fitness studio, but also meet the highest safety standards.

When planning a sauna for private use, you need to weigh up the various options available. Is the sauna going to be located in the basement, loft or in the garden? Are all of the people who live in the household already experienced sauna goers and love the high temperatures of the Finnish sauna, or is a bio sauna with lower temperatures, or a combination of both preferred? Is enough space available for a sauna or do you want an infrared cabin? Is a custom-made sauna needed? What style is preferred: classic, modern or out of the ordinary?

Adapted to the local conditions, tailored to the customer's needs: A commercial sauna for hotels should fit in harmoniously with the overall look of the wellness area and be designed accordingly. Depending on the overall concept of the company buying the sauna, the type, shape, colour, materials and additional functions can be selected to fit in perfectly with the surroundings.

Are you overwhelmed by so much choice? We would be happy to advise you!

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