Bio sauna – Relaxation for body and mind

Recharge your batteries in the light version of a Finnish sauna

Lean back, close your eyes and enjoy: The visit to a sauna results in renewed vitality and greater harmony. Generally, all types of sauna are relaxing, but for sauna novices or people who cannot withstand high temperatures, because they suffer for example from circulatory problems, a visit to a bio sauna is often more pleasant. This is because the humidity and temperature in a bio sauna can be adjusted to a pleasant level. Compared to a Finnish sauna, the temperature in a bio sauna is also generally lower: The temperature in the Finnish sauna is up to 100 degrees Celsius, in a bio sauna it is only between 45 and 60 degrees. However, the humidity in a bio sauna higher compared to a Finnish sauna: While the humidity in a Finnish sauna is only approx. 10-30 %, in a bio sauna it is between 40 and 55 per cent.

What are the special features of a bio sauna?

A sauna session in a bio sauna follows the classic, multi-stage sauna principle: After a period of sweating, you should always take a break and cool down. Due to the lower temperatures, a longer stay is possible in the bio sauna. This can be up to half an hour. As the temperatures are moderate, no infusions are made in the bio sauna. Instead, a small container is installed which can contain different essential oils which fill the sauna with a long-lasting, soothing aromatic smell. The use of different essential oils has a positive effect on wellness. In addition to this aromatherapy, a bio sauna – with the appropriate lighting – can also be used for light therapy. Changing colours can have a calming and relaxing effect and improve skin condition and your mood. When the days are shorter and the nights are longer, special light in changing colours brightens up your mood. Visitors to a bio sauna could therefore escape the winter blues by regularly using the sauna.

Is a combination of a Finnish sauna with a bio sauna possible?

If long-time sauna lovers live under the same roof as absolute sauna novices and all of the family members would like to enjoy the benefits of complete relaxation after visiting a sauna, a combination of a classic sauna and a bio sauna is recommended. An existing Finnish sauna can also be converted into such a combi sauna: For this purpose, the Finnish sauna heater only needs to be replaced by a climate heater including control.

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