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Two things that all sauna types have in common – regardless of whether they are for private use or enhance the wellness area in hotels: they indulge the body with soothing heat and help your guests to escape everyday stress. Although a privately-used sauna and a commercial sauna are very similar in their structure and technology, commercial saunas have to meet very specific requirements.

Additional requirements – This is what makes commercial saunas so special

Compared to the privately-used sauna, a commercial sauna can be visited daily by a lot of people. Accordingly, the demands placed on it are high and its design should not only incorporate robust furniture, but also take account of the expected number of visitors in its size. In order to save running costs, commercial saunas need greater insulation. It is also hugely important that the right technology is used: efficient heating systems and a modern control unit are essential. In addition, a commercial sauna has to meet the following important requirements:

  • The sauna has to be wheelchair-accessible.
  • The sauna has to have an emergency stop switch for the sauna heater.
  • For a pleasant room climate, an efficient air intake and exhaust system has to be present.

Besides functionality – particularly with commercial saunas – aesthetics play an important role. A cosy feel-good atmosphere is created in a commercial sauna by additionally installed colour light systems. The sauna benches are also part of the sauna design: They should be easy to move, but still have a solid base which provides stability – and fits in with your modern design concept.

Individual design of the commercial sauna – What is possible?

In order for the commercial sauna to appear inviting to (potential) guests, it should of course be visually tailored to the needs of the respective target group. In the case of hotel guests, couples, families and singles of different age groups represent different target groups. Accordingly, different styles are conceivable in the sauna planning and are to be realised in the sauna construction. Ideally, the perfect commercial sauna should, in terms of shape, colour and material, always fit in with the overall concept and immediate surroundings. The design options for the sauna interior and the adjoining sauna area or sauna rest room are diverse and allow them to be adapted individually to the local conditions and tailored to the personal preferences of sauna visitors.

The sauna highlight: Panorama sauna in the hotel or fitness studio

If a large glass element is installed in the sauna, a connection will be created between the interior and exterior. Both the sauna interior and the adjoining sauna area will appear more spacious. In such a sauna with a glass wall, sauna visitors can keep an eye on what is going on outside of the sauna and, as light can enter the sauna from outside, there is no feeling of claustrophobia. However, particularly with such a sauna with a glass front, care should be taken to ensure that the interior of the sauna fits in with the furnishings of the adjoining sauna area.

Trust the expertise of the sauna professionals

What services can you expect from us and our sopra partners?

  • Individual design:We will work closely with you. In this way sauna concepts will be created which are tailored precisely to the needs of your sauna visitors. In addition to the planning and construction of Finnish saunas, steam baths and other sauna types, we also offer the design of complete wellness areas.
  • Expertise and precision:In the planning and construction of your sauna, we will cooperate with specialists – architects, ventilation fitters and electricians. The sopra partners will also be happy to advise the sauna attendant or the sauna operator after the building of the sauna on the sauna technology.

Are you planning to build a commercial sauna? We would be happy to advise you

Our sopra partners would be happy to help you in the planning and design of your commercial sauna so that it is tailored perfectly to your concept and your target group. Our partners would be happy to advise you on the planning and construction of sauna landscapes, swimming pools and whirlpools.

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