Find relaxation in a modular outdoor sauna

This customisable garden sauna provides outdoor relaxation

After a stressful week at work, the body and soul long for relaxation. An outdoor sauna in your own garden is the ideal retreat to restore harmony between body and soul. Here sauna users can relax and find peace at the weekend – without being disturbed from outside. A glass door or a built-in glass element provides a view over the garden – in the winter over a magical winter wonderland, in the summer over refreshing green.

Advantages of an outdoor sauna in your own garden

Whenever a sauna is designed, access to fresh air should be included in the planning – whether via a window or terrace close to the sauna. Due to the location in the garden, there is already direct access to fresh air. After a sauna session in their own outdoor sauna, outdoor sauna owners can take a relaxing stroll around the garden in their bathrobe before taking a break – on a bench right in front of the modular outdoor sauna, on a nearby terrace or in the cosily furnished home.

In order to raise the feel-good factor and to be able to continue to enjoy the view in the garden, an outdoor sauna should always fit in harmoniously with its surroundings. The BASIC design sauna house from sopra offers a wide range of furnishing and design options. The structure and colour scheme can therefore be tailored to the local conditions and personal tastes. With its modern design, it is a real gem in your own garden. The basic model can be extended with four modules – according to your personal preferences and desired size.

Modular sopra outdoor sauna – The modern sauna house for outdoors

The modular sopra outdoor saunas are made using the latest technology and the highest-quality materials. The modular system allows a wide variety of possible designs. Whether it concerns the size of the sauna or the fixtures and fittings – sopra offers the right solution for any requirement.

What distinguishes the modular sopra outdoor sauna?

The sopra outdoor sauna impresses with its aesthetics and functionality:

  • Due to its stable frame construction, it is extremely steady.
  • Its weatherproof roof construction withstands any weather conditions.
  • Its weather-resistant body ensures a long life.
  • The exterior panelling, border wall, parapet and terrace border fit together perfectly.
  • The design of the outdoor sauna modules can be tailored to your personal colour preferences.

The ideal outdoor sauna: The sopra design sauna house and its modules

sopra design outdoor sauna: The basic fixtures and fittings include these features

The basic module impresses with a high-quality light-metal door with flat aluminium threshold, concealed roller lock and large insulating single-pane safety glass. The high-quality light-metal window, fixed as a horizontal glass ribbon, is incorporated in the side wall.

The floor inside the sauna consists of an insulated floor plate of beam construction made out of solid scantlings. The floor cover is made out of untreated polar spruce planed boards.

The terrace is of beam construction made out of solid scantlings, the terrace outer edge is aligned with the roof overhang. The terrace, border wall and roof overhang visually form a single unit. The floor cover in the terrace area is made out of grooved long-life terrace boards in Siberian larch.

The furnishing includes movable benches made out of obeche wood with two wooden headrests, an indirectly illuminated backrest with two 5 watt light units and a floor grid and heater guard made out of obeche wood. All of the sauna’s silicone cable is included in the delivery. The technical equipment includes a powerful 9 kW sauna heater and a state-of-the-art sauna control unit.

Overview of the sauna modules BASIC - IV

Do you dream of owning an outdoor sauna? We would be happy to advise you

Can you receive help in the planning of your personal garden sauna from one of our sopra partners near you. Here you can find further information on swimming pools, for an outdoor sauna and outdoor pool complement each other perfectly. In addition to the sopra design sauna house, design saunas for indoor use are also offered by sopra.

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