Panorama sauna - Fabulous views thanks to large glass element

The sauna with glass front for a seamless transition between the interior and exterior

On rainy autumn days or in the cold winter time a sauna session is a real blessing for the body and soul. Regardless of whether it is blowing a gale outside or you would like to keep an eye on your children: With a sauna with a glass front, sauna lovers can always see what is going on outside. While the frameless glass element of the outdoor sauna can face the outdoor area of the house, the glass front of the indoor sauna can face the cosily furnished sauna area or sauna rest room. Classic and individual are two words to describe your very own panorama sauna from sopra.

Advantages of the modern sauna with floor-to-ceiling glass elements

Regardless of whether the sauna with panoramic view is for private or commercial use, whether its glass front faces your garden or the rest area right in front of the sauna: Any sauna with a frameless glass element is a stylish eye-catcher and impresses with its classic look. With its generous SPSG (single-pane safety glass) front it connects the exterior and interior, for the frameless glass elements – which incidentally can also be installed in corners – allow light to enter from outside. The glass front also makes the interior of the sauna appear more spacious and inviting.

Design of sauna with glass front and panoramic view

The design of the interior and exterior of a sauna with glass front can be customised completely: Different woods can be used in its interior – polar spruce softline profile, aspen softline profile, hemlock softline profile, sycamore veneer panel, hemlock veneer panel or walnut veneer panel. The exterior of the sauna can be plastered and covered with tiles, decorative panels or natural stone as you choose. However, one aspect needs to be taken into account when choosing the interior furnishing of a sauna with glass front: When designing the interior, care should be taken to ensure that the interior fits in harmoniously with its immediate surroundings. Before planning the interior design, it should already be decided whether the glass front will provide sauna goers with a view of the adjoining sauna area or sauna rest room, a view of the green garden or snowy winter landscape. The furnishings can then be tailored accordingly to the direct surroundings of the sauna.

Would you like a sauna with a glass front? We would be happy to advise you

Our sopra partners are experts in the planning and construction of saunas with glass fronts and would be happy to allow you to keep an eye on what is going on outside of the sauna with a built-in glass element. Our sopra partners would also be happy to advise you on the design of the interior of your personal dream sauna and on the right sauna accessories. Our partners would also be happy to advise you on the construction of swimming pools. For your own swimming pool is the perfect complement to your own sauna.

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