Infrared cabins from sopra: integrated deep heat

Twice the relaxation with a combination of heat cabins and saunas

The pleasant atmosphere of an infrared heat cabin offers the least complicated, quickest and healthiest way to escape the hectic of everyday life for a while and relax. With a pleasant temperature of between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius, the heat bath is particularly good for the circulation and therefore very suitable for older people. After spending approx. 30 to 40 minutes in the cabin followed by a break, you feel completely relaxed and warmed up. Alternatively you can also take a shower with lukewarm water afterwards. In this way the body and mind can be regenerated within the shortest time possible.

In addition to visible ration, the sun also emits invisible radiation. The invisible radiation from the sun comprises UV radiation and infrared radiation. When a body comes into contact with infrared radiation, it absorbs this and converts it into heat. Although we cannot see the infrared radiation, we notice it as heat through our skin.

The human body sweats up to three times more in a heat bath than in a hot sauna. The reason for this is the long-wave infrared rays penetrate the body and heat it up – naturally and without any effort. The soothing infrared heat can therefore achieve positive effects in the case of rheumatic complaints, tense muscles and muscle and joint pains. A heat bath is also an ideal supplement or even an alternative to a warm-up session before sport.

Gentle, pleasant heat caresses the body in the infrared cabin. At the same time the heat is balsam for the soul. Generally, the visit to any type of sauna results in relaxation and recovery. Compared to saunas, infrared cabins have three key advantages though:

  • Save time: For infrared cabins only a short preheating time is needed in order to reach a pleasant, comfortable temperature in the cabin. In addition, you only need to stay approx. 30 to 40 minutes in an infrared cabin – compared to a sauna for which several rounds with breaks are needed. After this you can cool down in the same way as after a sauna session. Although this is not essential.
  • Save space: As there are only benches in an infrared cabin, such a cabin is particularly space-saving. Cabins are available from 1.10 m × 1.50 m. As a result there is also room for them in smaller homes. In order to make optimal use of difficult corners, they can also be made to measure.
  • Save work: What is particularly practical is that you can assemble an infrared cabin yourself, because they need no further installations: Simply plug it into the socket and within a few minutes there is a pleasant temperature in the cabin.

Wide variety of possible designs for infrared cabins

When designing an infrared cabin, you can choose from different exterior panelling. If the exterior panelling is chosen to match the furniture in the room, the infrared cabin will fit in harmoniously with its surroundings. A glass front can also be fitted into the infrared cabin. This will make it appear more spacious.

Combination of an infrared cabin with a sauna

A combination of an infrared cabin with a sauna has the fundamental features that any sauna has. The difference between a sauna combi and a sauna is that an infrared heater is also built into the benches, into the walls or – under certain conditions – also into the ceiling. An existing sauna can also be fitted with infrared heaters – retrofit possible. Worth knowing: Infrared cabins cannot be converted or upgraded into a sauna. They are often too small and also are not designed for the high heat in a sauna.

Do you dream of your own infrared cabin?

Regardless of whether you want an infrared cabin or an infrared cabin in combination with a sauna: Our sopra partners would be happy to advise you on the planning. Our partners would also be happy to advise you about sauna construction and sauna planning .

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