Relax in a solid wood sauna – Body and soul in harmony

Solid wood saunas impress with their quality and long life

What is nicer than whiling away the evening in your own sauna? Solid wood saunas are recommended to friends of Finnish sauna events. They are available in either polar spruce or fir wood and impress with their block plank construction and natural composite frame wall structure. They also provide a relatively dry climate, which is so characteristic of a Finnish sauna.

Solid wood sauna from sopra: What makes it so special?

Both outdoor saunas and indoor saunas can be constructed as solid wood saunas. Solid wood saunas consist of solid block plants which are placed on top of each other and are held together by clamping devices. 58 mm thick block planks combined with a reinforced ceiling insulation made from environmentally-friendly wood fibre insulation boards create an excellent sauna climate with low energy consumption. If desired, a solid wood ceiling construction is also available.

A sauna dream with added insulation and atmosphere

In contrast to other types of sauna, solid wood saunas do not need any artificial insulation: The wood of a solid wood sauna retains the heat better and releases this back gently and evenly into its surroundings. This radiant heat is found to be particularly pleasant and soothing by sauna goers. In addition to the heat, the humidity of a sauna infusion is absorbed by the walls of the solid wood sauna and gradually released again. This creates a mild, dry climate which is found to be very pleasant by many sauna goers. Sweating in a solid wood sauna is a feast for all the senses: When heated, the woods used also release fragrant essential oils. Your home can therefore be filled with the pleasant spicy fragrance of the forest. Besides the positive impact on the psyche, a visit to the sauna also strengthens the immune system and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, metabolism and blood pressure.

Every solid wood sauna should have this

The obligatory sand timer, a thermometer and a hygrometer should be present in the Finnish sauna – as in every other sauna type. They will allow you to keep an eye on and optimise the mix of heat and humidity. In addition, the sauna can be personalised with other sauna accessories and tailored to your individual needs. The furniture of the sauna interior can also be tailored to the personal needs of the sauna owners: For example, built-in headrests, backrests or loungers allow ergonomic sitting and lying. The sauna can also be enhanced by a colour light system. This immerses the solid wood sauna in pleasant light and generates a special feel-good atmosphere.

Would you like your own solid wood sauna? We would be happy to advise you

Our sopra partners would be happy to advise you on solid wood saunas so that you can enjoy very soon the feel-good atmosphere and pleasant wood aroma in your own sauna made out of solid wood planks. Between the sauna rounds, a swimming pool can allow you to cool off.

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