High-quality steam baths with health benefit

More than a time-out: Steam saunas have a soothing effect on the body and soul

Steam baths allow you to relax completely – after a hectic day or exhausting week. Their popularity goes back centuries, for steam bath culture has a long tradition in many countries and cultures. They were built in ancient times and to this day people still enjoy using them to cleanse their body, mind and soul. Steam baths are a type of sauna characterised by visible mist. Soothing heat is something that steam baths have in common with classic saunas. Compared to the Finnish sauna, the temperature in a steam bath is lower and humidity is higher. The temperature here is between 45 and 55 degrees Celsius and humidity is almost 100 %. As a result, users sweat less when they visit a steam bath than when they visit a classic sauna. There are different types of steam bath. The hamam for example is a Turkish steam bath. The caldarium, the Roman steam bath, is also well known. These two types of steam bath are made out of stone – often granite and marble.

Good for your health - Steam baths relieve physical discomfort

People who have rarely or never been in a sauna, or people who have circulatory problems, often find a visit to a wet steam bath more pleasant than a visit to a Finnish sauna with its dry heat. The steam in the steam sauna also has – besides the heat therapy – a positive effect on your health, for bathing in steam loosens mucus and can help if you have a cold, cough or are hoarse. The visit to a steam sauna should also help you to sleep more restfully. The hot, damp air can also have a soothing and loosening effect on tense muscles.

sopra plans and designs customised steam baths

Perfect adaptation to the space your property has, consideration of the builder's wishes, the use of valuable materials and professional workmanship result in fabulous custom-made steam baths. Aromas, light effects and water attractions such as fountains combine to form a relaxing whole in the steam bath. A true symphony for all the senses!

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