Experience showers from sopra: Enjoy the moment

Showers with extra aroma, sound and light for all the senses:

A gently sparking and fragrant tropical rain shower with light and sound effects which awakens all the senses. At the touch of a button you can choose a special shower experience - to suit your mood. Doesn’t that sound great? The right technology makes the dream of your individual experience shower become a reality. And we will ensure that it happens.

These are the special features of our experience showers

An experience shower from sopra offers different types of shower which pleasantly massage the skin when showering and stimulate blood flow. What makes an experience shower so special are special effects which appeal to all the senses and turn the process of washing and relaxing into an event.

The vitalising effects range from mist, ice and rain showers to alternating light shows and sounds and to fragrant aromas - all at the push of a button. There is a smell of exotic fruits, birds are singing all around you, while the sunlight glistens through the tree tops and a pleasant tropical rain pelts the skin. The weather changes, a storm is gathering, a cool mist drifts around you. Thundery showers with flashing lights and rolling thunder fill the room. You choose all by yourself which scenario suits your mood and you can enjoy it to the full.

The integration of a high-quality experience shower not only completes a shower landscape, but is also well placed in a privately or commercially-used swimming pool. We would be happy to find out together with you which model is best for you.

Individual wellness advice from the professional

Our sopra partners would be happy to advise you on the different models of experience showers and help you design a relaxation and fitness landscape tailored precisely to your needs.

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