Bucket showers for the wellness area

The cool freshness kick from the bucket shower - from sopra

The bucket shower is a cold water shower used especially after a sauna. These special buckets are found in both indoor and outdoor sauna facilities right above your head - attached either to the wall or ceiling. For many sauna fans they are simply part of a good sauna session, like a short dip in the ice pool, the relaxing under the shower or cooling your feet in the foot basin.

A bucket shower is very easy to use: By pulling a chain or a rope, you tilt the bucket and a surge of cold water falls onto the sauna goer. This may require some effort for one or two at first, but the health factor is convincing: The switch between hot and cold water reinforces the positive characteristics of a sauna session and releases endorphins.

Bucket showers: The technical details

  • Easy to dispense with low pulling force
  • Water content adjustable at filling valve
  • Big 29 litre wooden bucket with 3 stainless steel rings
  • Bucket diameter 43 cm at top, height approx. 31.5 cm
  • Surge distance approx. 50 cm
  • Strong, white polyester pull rope
  • Including complete stainless steel suspension device and float valve
  • Thanks to continually stable rotation axis, wall or ceiling installation possible

We will find the right bucket shower for your wellness oasis

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