Classic foot basins: Refreshing or warming - as you wish

Stylish foot basins make the sauna experience complete

Experienced sauna fans may swear by all-year-round sweating, but the peak season for wellness oases and sauna landscapes is particularly in the cold months. And not without reason: What is nicer than warming up from head to toe in the sauna on a cold winter's day?

In addition to the sauna itself, the moments of relaxation in the rest room and an experience shower, for many sauna goers a foot bath in a foot basin designed especially for this purpose is simply part of the experience. It prepares the body perfectly for the sauna session - warm water relaxes the muscles - and afterwards has a cooling, refreshing and light-legged effect.

It is no surprise that special attention should be paid to the feet when you treat yourself to a wellness day in the sauna.

Foot baths have many health benefits

Great importance is attached to the feet in medicine, although their significance in respect of our health and its preservation is rarely recognised. Foot baths are probably the simplest way to do something good for them and our whole body. Foot baths have been used traditionally for centuries for the following indications:

  • Cold foot bath: chronic fatigue, headaches, migraines, sleep disorders
  • Warm foot bath: for cosmetic or medical foot care for horny skin and chapped heels, for colds, menstrual problems, nervousness, constipation, sleep disorders, sweaty feet
  • Rising foot bath (from cold to warm): for bladder infections, foot pain, menstrual problems, migraines

Foot basins from the sopra wellness range

We offer you stylish foot basins for commercial, public and private sauna and wellness areas made out of high-quality, long-life materials such as mineral cast, sanitary ceramics and FRP. We would also be happy to advise you on the placement of your dream foot basin in the spa - whether integrated or separate - everything is possible.

Are you looking for the perfect foot basin?

Our sopra partners would be happy to advise you on the different models of foot basins, including in combination with experience showers such as rainforest showers or bucket showers for an attractive wellness area with exclusive swimming pools, custom-made saunas or invigorating whirlpools.

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