Rainforest showers: Like a gentle summer rain

Rainshower shower systems from sopra

Showering is a very practical matter. Time and water-saving compared to a foam bath, the morning shower session gently gets the circulation going or refreshes the body after a strenuous workout. If the water from above comes out of a rainshower, the shower process becomes a real experience. The special thing about rainshower shower systems is the extra large shower head, so that the water lands not just on a single part of the body, but envelops it in a gentle tropical shower.

With a rainforest shower, the bathroom in your home or the commercial or public spa becomes a wellness and feel-good location in no time at all.

Which rainforest shower is the right one for your spa area?

First, a couple pieces of technical information: Rainforest showers are connected to either the wall or celling by the shower arm. They can also be installed in the ceiling, but the water pipes should be laid appropriately. Which rainshower system goes well with the bath or wellness landscape is then, providing that the sanitary-technical requirements are met, only a question of taste.

The bigger the rainshower, the higher the rainforest factor: The biggest shower heads normally have a diameter of up to 60 cm. The rectangular rain panels or rain skys for ceiling installation also meet the highest shower standards. Rainshowers with integrated LED lighting, sound effects and aroma features, so-called experience showers, add an atmospheric ambience to the wellness experience.

Water consumption also plays a big role when choosing the right rainforest shower. Particularly economical showers only need 9 litres per minute, while rainshower systems dispense between 18 and as much as 30 litres of water per minute. You should seek advice especially about this point before choosing.

The advantages of the rainforest shower at a glance

  • Space requirement for rainshowers: less than for the installation of a bathtub
  • Suitable for small bathrooms, wellness facilities or spa areas
  • Rainshowers are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes
  • A shower saves water compared to a bath
  • Rainshowers are immediately ready for use upon installation
  • Can be combined perfectly with colour light and aromatherapy systems

Individual advice service for rainforest showers

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