Kneipp hose for the experience shower

Soothing Kneipp water applications for the home

After a strenuous day at work, the body is exhausted, your feet are aching after standing for hours and in the mirror a tired, pale face looks back at you. High time for wellness. What could be better for this than water applications?

The Romans knew of the health-promoting effect of water in the 19th century affusions, washings and wraps according to the teachings of Pastor Sebastian Kneipp became really popular. And they have remained so to this day, because they improve blood flow, stimulate circulation and metabolism and strengthen the immune system. It is no surprise that a Kneipp hose is an essential part of any wellness oasis and experience shower.

Integrate the freshness kick in your wellness oasis

One small detail in the wellness area with a big effect: Experience showers, Kneipp walking pools and Kneipp hoses are important features of a modern wellness landscape. They cool off or refresh the body and gently get the circulation going after a visit to the sauna or steam bath. They are therefore indispensable especially in public or commercially-used wellness oases.

But where is the best place for a cold water Kneipp hose? Ideally it is integrated in a shower, which is right next to the sauna or steam bath. Alongside a good climate control system, combined with optimal water treatment, wall and ceiling insulation and high-quality design features, a Kneipp hose is certainly just one small factor in the area of wellness & spa design, but it completes the individual wellness concept in a smart way.

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Our sopra partners would be happy to advise you on Kneipp hoses and experience showers such as the rainforest showers or bucket showers. Experience showers are the perfect complement to any attractive wellness area with exclusive swimming pools, custom-made saunas or invigorating whirlpools.

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