Swim spas: Wellness and training for the whole body

Effective training in the pool with counter-current system

Swim spas are a space-saving concept which combine swimming, aquajogging or fitness. The wellness all-rounder is a perfect symbiosis of whirlpool and swimming pool. Swim spas from sopra are not only intended for counter-current swimming, but also for a diverse range of aqua gymnastics followed by relaxation - regardless of the time of year.

Depending on the local conditions, the pool can be installed as a free-standing, built-in or sinkable version in the garden or on the terrace. The space-saving pools are also very popular in the commercial sector. And not without reason: The purchase of a swimming pool with a counter-current system is a real bonus for physical fitness and harmony.

Sport meets quality of life: sopra swim spas

Swim spas with counter-current systems allow everyone flexible training hours and to stay in excellent shape. The integrated wellness features also have their advantages thanks to soothing massage jets. You can therefore have a wonderfully relaxing rest after sport or a long day at work in the swim spa.

Swimming is healthy and good for fitness. Did you know that regular training sessions with the counter-current system improve heart and lung performance? The higher water resistance in the swim spa provides an intense training effect and is good for endurance. Although this costs more energy, you also lower your blood sugar level, burn fat and calories and strengthen your muscles. This is cardio training with class.

Swim spas save energy

Efficient heating while at the same time saving energy: The high-quality, glass-fibre-reinforced plastic shell of a swim spa is insulated and predestined for outdoor use - the whole year round - without risking any heat or energy loss. At the same time the friction heat of the water pump is used to heat the water. The numerous energy and insulation options for the various sopra swim spas come with a 4-stage "Energy Smart Plus" insulation system.

In particular the "Thermo Lock” insulation for the interior and floor plate is important: On the inside of the exterior panelling is a heat-reflecting aluminium moisture barrier for insulation. In order to provide the shell with extra insulation, it is covered in a closed-cell polyurethane insulation foam. The lass-fibre-reinforced plastic shell supports the insulation and provides greater stability.

Individual swim spa advice from the professional

Our sopra partners would be happy to advise you on the different models of swim spas and help you design a relaxation and fitness landscape tailored precisely to your needs.

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