Whirlpools: Water and air in perfect harmony.

A well-thought-out spa design pays off not only for your health

Close your eyes, feel the effect of the pleasantly warm, bubbling water and let yourself be pampered by the relaxing hydro massage. Listen to the calming splashing of the waterfall, your favourite music or marvel at your spa's colour show. The hectic and stress of the day are forgotten – You can enjoy complete relaxation and wellness in your own home.

Spa conception is a major priority at sopra

A whirlpool satisfies a number of needs. Whether you use it to relax after a long day at work, as a reward after an exhausting training session, to help improve your health, to relieve stress more generally or simply as a little bit of luxury now and then – a whirlpool is a source of joy.

This makes our whirlpools unique

  • Modern, design-oriented, state-of-the-art whirlpools/spas
  • High quality with optimal fixtures and fittings
  • Large selection of shapes and colours
  • Easy to operate
  • Excellent insulation with low running costs
  • Flexibility with special requests
  • Short production time and transportation

Choose your dream whirlpool

Do you prefer to enjoy your own whirlpool on your own, with a friend or with a group of friends? Here you have the choice, but the experience is invigorating in all cases. The health aspect is also not to be sneezed at: When bathing in a whirlpool, the body temperature rises pleasantly, the blood vessels are expanded. In this way, overworked, aching muscles can be supplied with oxygen and nutrients, the cleansing of the body is stimulated. Due to the natural buoyancy in water, your body weight reduces by around 90 per cent and creates the sensation of weightlessness. The pressure is taken off your spine and joints and your body can relax. Stress vanishes, blood pressure falls.

We offer you a selection of whirlpools which are perfectly suitable for use at home or for commercial use - indoors, on the terrace or in the garden. In cooperation with our sopra supplier AquaVia exclusive models are developed for sopra. This also includes the design of high-quality whirlpool accessories.

Individual wellness advice from the professional

Our sopra partners would be happy to advise you on the different wellness concepts and help you design a relaxation landscape tailored precisely to your needs.

We are at your service

Whether you are happy with the quality of our services or would like to know more about our performance or services please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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