Indoor whirlpools: Relax within your own four walls

Enjoy a break from everyday life in a whirlpool

Anyone who has enjoyed a whirlpool knows exactly how pleasant the warm water massages are. In the mornings the bath gets the circulation going and in the evening it provides relaxation. The soothing effect on body and mind has been proven, the whirling itself is a valuable part of an integrated wellness concept with a lasting effect. With your own indoor whirlpool you can enjoy all of the benefits of bathing, whenever you want - without being constrained by opening times. Thanks to having a wellness oasis in your own home, you can integrate these important recovery periods into your everyday life as it suits you. Wellness cannot be more individual.

sopra indoor whirlpools: You should know this

  • Lower purchase and running costs: An indoor whirlpool is on the whole more heat efficient than an outdoor whirlpool. It does not have the heat loss of an outdoor pool during autumn and winter.
  • The ideal location for a whirlpool is the bathroom, but the future whirlpool owner can create a wellness area himself in a suitably prepared basement room. However, a few technical conditions need to be put in place for this.
  • Moisture proofing for ceilings, floors, windows and walls: In the planning phase both the room and the whirlpool technology should be prepared so that as little moisture damage or mould as possible can occur. Retrofitted insulation including a laminated aluminium moisture barrier prepare the wet room ideally for use as a wellness oasis. The windows should have a high-insulation frame. For the floor, an insulated screed with sealing film over the insulating material, a final layer of tiling and an additional coat as protection against splash water has proven to be effective.
  • It is also important that the whirlpool room has adequate ventilation. If the room does not have a window, an exhaust fan in conjunction with a dehumidifier can create is recommended to create pleasant climatic conditions.
  • Indoor whirlpools can be retrofitted with complementary accessories from AquaVia: LED light effects, neck cushions and control systems which simplify the operation of the whirlpool enhance the relaxation experience.

Find the indoor whirlpool of your dreams

The elegant AquaVia whirlpools are available from a sopra partner near you. Our sopra partners would be happy to advise you on the different whirlpool types and help you design a home spa tailored precisely to your needs. Whether an outdoor whirlpool or a swim spa in your own garden - you can already look forward to relaxing and sporting moments in the water.

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