Outdoor whirlpools: Bubbling jewel in the garden or on the terrace

Relaxing source of heat all year round

Outdoor whirlpools provide with the necessary accessories relaxation and fun for the whole family - in the garden or on the terrace. Look forward to refreshing relaxation in the warm weather season or soothing heat and perfect massages in the autumn and winter. If your body needs extensive recovery, a hydro massage is the right choice for you. Gently massaging water complements perfectly your feeling of letting go and relaxing.

With a high-quality outdoor whirlpool you experience relaxation and enjoy the built-in massage functions in pleasantly warm water - as often as you would like and whenever you have time.

Outdoor pools in the garden: What options are there?

There are countless design options to turn the dream of your own garden or terrace whirlpool into reality. They all evolve from three different options for installing a whirlpool. There are:

  • free-standing whirlpools
  • partially sunken whirlpools and
  • completely sunken whirlpools.

The installation option suitable for customers is determined based on the local conditions and clarified beforehand with the sopra partners.

Outdoor whirlpools: This should be considered with the model, purchase and choice of location

  • For UV and weather-resistant whirlpools, a robust foundation on an even ground is a must for the long life of the whole construction. The reasons for this are obvious: On the one hand this provides stability, and on the other the penetration of moisture and infestation are prevented.
  • High energy efficiency plays a big role especially outdoors. Inadequate insulation of the tub or piping may in a negative case result in hight heat losses. A highly effective full-foam insulation in conjunction with an energy-saving cover and an optimised pipe layout can contribute to a reduction in heating costs and improvement in energy efficiency.
  • Volume control: This subject is raised by customers with outdoor whirlpools. If the outdoor whirlpool is placed in the garden close to the neighbouring property, it is important that the circulation pumps, heating and filter system work quietly. An ABS floor also ensures that vibrations and the noise of bubbling water are reduced.
  • If a suitable power connection is nearby or if this is installed professionally by an electrician, a free-standing whirlpool can be positioned on any even surface in the garden or on a terrace.
  • If positioned on terrace: The structural conditions for the installation of a whirlpool should clarified by an expert in each and every case, because pools filled with water sometimes weigh tonnes. This applies particularly if the terrace has a cellar beneath it or if the terrace is unsupported.
  • Water quality: Depending on how often the whirlpool is used, it is recommended that the water is completely replaced regularly. This should take place, depending of the degree of contamination, every 1 to 4 months.

Add-ons for outdoor pools: The most important thing is that the pool is unique

There are many ways in which you can customise your outdoor whirlpool and give it that something special. Whirlpool accessories, such as entry to the pool in the form of steps, the decorative design of the surrounding area, or a canopy for the outdoor whirlpool, can be installed without any problem. Simply contact us.

Find the outdoor whirlpool of your dreams

You can obtain the high-quality whirlpool models from AquaVia from our sopra partners. Our sopra partners would be happy to advise you on the different whirlpool types and help you design a home spa tailored precisely to your needs. Whether an indoor whirlpool or a swim spa in your own garden - you can already look forward to relaxing and sporting moments in the water.

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