Which whirlpool type is right for you?

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The acquisition of a whirlpool for your personal wellness oasis is always a good, and lasting, investment. However, choosing the perfect whirlpool is a challenge: Future whirlpool owners are faced with a wide range of whirlpool types. Good advice is now needed, because “the one” whirlpool does not exist. There is also one benefit from this, though: From the abundance of models on offer, you can choose the one which suits you perfectly.

Criteria such as the location (there are whirlpools for both indoor and outdoor use), quality, size, massage equipment and the look need to be clarified beforehand and the right model chosen accordingly. This can quickly become a real challenge. Unless you use our exclusive whirlpool purchase advice.

These whirlpool types are available from sopra

  • Portable spa – quickly in working order, with many additional functions
  • Swim spa – combining relaxation and workout
  • Channel whirlpool – discrete integration in a pool and wellness facility

Regardless of the type, the whirlpool should meet your needs anatomically and ergonomically. There are many models whose seats are arranged on different levels in order to meet the needs of all body sizes. The type of jets should also meet your needs exactly. For example, if you have pain in the neck area or back, it is important that you consider the appropriate whirlpool model and the right water jets. Some of our sopra partners also offer the opportunity of a trial, so that you can test your whirlpool thoroughly before buying.

Find your dream whirlpool type

You can obtain various whirlpool models from Aquavia from our sopra partners. Our sopra partners would be happy to advise you on the different whirlpool types and help you design a relaxation landscape tailored precisely to your needs. Whether an indoor whirlpool or an outdoor whirlpool in your own garden - you can already look forward to relaxing moments in the water.

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