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Water and air in perfect harmony

A whirlpool fulfils a whole range of requirements. Whether for relaxation after a long day at work, as a reward after a hard workout or sporting activity, to support health, generally for stress relief or just as a bit of luxury in between – a whirlpool is a source of vitality.

Maybe you'd like a whirlpool just for yourself. Maybe you'd prefer to enjoy it with someone else or with a group of people. Here, you can choose freely. The result, though, is invigorating in all cases. The body temperature rises, blood vessels widen. In this way, there is a good supply of oxygen and nutrients to your overworked, painful muscles and purification of the body is promoted. Through the natural buoyancy of the water, your body weight drops by about 90 percent and, in this way, gives you a feeling of weightlessness. The back and joints are relieved of load and your body can relax. Stress is released, blood pressure sinks.

We offer you a range of whirlpools for two to seven people for use at home or in commercial areas.

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